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190+ Highlights for Women in 2023

Highlights for women are a popular hair coloring technique that involves lightening sections of hair to create a contrast…
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End Your Fitness Plateau with Progressive Overload!

March 27, 2023 End Your Fitness Plateau with Progressive Overload! Written By Megan Brandt • 3 min read Are…
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Wellness RX: How to Make Time for Exercise with a Busy Schedule

It can be challenging to prioritize and make time for exercise when you have a busy schedule.  With so…
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Top 6 Benefits Of Attending A Swimming School

Are you looking for a fun and healthy activity that could improve your physical wellbeing, challenge your mental strength,…
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How Long Does It Take to Reverse Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is a condition that occurs when too much fat builds up in the liver cells. It can…
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Wake Up and Row: Kickstart Your Day On the Total Gym Incline Row

Wake up… get rowing… and get going with your day. It’s that simple and it just takes 10 mins.…
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What is Millets – Types, Benefits and Recipes

Millets are a powerhouse of nutrients. They have reclaimed their space in the kitchen of those more health-conscious. Millets…
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How Health & Fitness Professionals Can Make More Doing Less

Little to no breathing space between one-to-one sessions. Work, work, work—Mondays through Sundays (Rest days? Nope, never heard of…
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My WFH (work from home) setup

Sharing the details on my work from home office setup, plus my experience with using a walking pad. Hellooooo!…
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Spring forward, Fall back: How Time Changes affect your Fitness Routine

We all know that time changes can mess with our sleep schedules, but did you know they can also…
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How Does Fat Leave Your Body During Weight Loss?

Ever wonder where the fat goes when you are on a weight loss diet? Most people think that fat…

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