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What Does Personality Have to Do with Health?

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What Does Personality Have to Do with Health?

Written By Page Lauer • 3 min read

Exploring the Role of Personality in Health and Well-being

Health, fitness, and weight loss are not ‘one-size-fits-all,’ not by a long shot! The diet industry, however, would have us believe otherwise with their quick fixes and magic formulas that are supposed to work for everyone. And yet, 99% of the people who diet will gain back any lost weight plus an extra 10 pounds within a year. Indeed, health, fitness, and weight loss are highly personal – unique to your stressors, habits, relevant history, resources or support, lifestyle, health markers (cholesterol, blood pressure, medical conditions, etc.), and also, your personality.

At PFC, we encourage consideration and inclusion of one’s personality type within their health plan in order to effectively reach their health goals. We use a motivation and strengths-based personality test called the Enneagram to help campers find their personal keys to success. Specifically with the Enneagram Test, you will discover:

Your unique personality type or personality type combination.

The Enneagram categorizes individuals into nine distinct personality types, each with its own patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. By identifying your specific personality type or combination, we gain a deeper understanding of how you perceive and interact with the world around you, including food and exercise. When it comes to navigating health, this is where you want to start!

Your underlying motivations and values.

The Enneagram goes beyond surface-level behaviors and uncovers the underlying motivations and values that drive your thoughts, actions, and decision-making processes. This self-awareness helps you gain clarity on what truly matters to you and why you are pursuing certain health and wellness goals. This is pure strength in your corner that fuels motivation toward your health goals!

Healthy ways of being and healthy choices that come more naturally to you.

By understanding your type’s healthy traits, you can identify the natural strengths and positive qualities that support your journey towards better health. This makes thoughts and choices easier and more aligned with one’s lifestyles and abilities. It also helps you identify what does not come so easy as well as how to plan for that!

The specific practices to reach your goals!

The Enneagram helps you identify tailored strategies and practices that are most effective for your specific personality type or type combination. By leveraging practices that resonate with you on a deeper level, you are more likely to stay motivated, maintain consistency, nurture progress, and achieve sustainable results.

Whether your goals are weight loss, better fitness, stress reduction, or  improving relationships, knowing your personality type and what motivates you will get you where you want to go faster and smarter! After all, we want to work with your natural makeup and mindset, not from an external, one-size-fits-all method or standard. When you take the Enneagram personality test, you will discover your best recommendations for growth, healing, health and optimal functioning! We then compile all this information and craft a personal ‘how-to’ plan specific to your goals that also addresses triggers, stressors, and spontaneous situations.

You will know:

– Your daily program.

– What your warning signs are.

– What to watch out for.

– How to get back on track!

The Bottom Line: 

The Enneagram Personality tests offer a wealth of information that is tailored specifically to you. It goes beyond general advice and provides personalized insights into your unique traits, motivations, and preferences. These tests can be not only helpful but also enjoyable, with moments of self-discovery and even some lighthearted amusement along the way. Consider if this ‘must-have’ information will offer you breakthroughs with the goals that matter most!

Email Me today to get started with your Enneagram Test and personalized fitness plan today!

Page Lauer, LMFT, CEDS

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