What a Nutrition Student Eats in a Week | Burnout, Break Downs, & Bad Days | Why Gymshark FIRED Me

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Everyone is fighting a different battle- be kind, to yourself and others. treat yourself like someone you love. your mental health matters most. I love you guys & Milo wants to remind you that you can get 35% off your first order of Sundays: or use code LINDA at checkout.

*This was filmed in January 2023 – due to mental health issues I have a lot of footage I haven’t edited yet. I’m just playing catch up now. Thank you for understanding 🤍

My FAVOURITE GREENS (shop alani nutrition):

best “healthy” cinnamon rolls ever:

Other fav products:
My fav crunchy Kraft Peanut butter:
yoga mat:
my camera:
my fav rosebud lip salve:
MY FAV protein powder from PEScience:

How old are you? Born in 2001
What camera do I use? SONY ZV-E10
Where do you live? Ontario, Canada
How tall are you? 5’4 (163 cm)
What do you use to edit? FINALCUT PRO
Where are your workout clothes from? Gymshark
What kind of dog do you have? His name is Milo and he’s a Maltese 🙂

Instagram: @lindasunyt
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I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician.
The information I share should not be interpreted as nutritional advice.
Everything I say is my own OPINION and it’s based off of MY OWN EXPERIENCES.
I am not here to promote any type of diet or advise anyone to follow my diet.
If you have questions or concerns regarding diet, nutrition or fitness, speak to a professional.

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