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Two Weekend Rides

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On Saturday I did a long brisk cruise northeast of Morgan Hill. I took the Coyote Creek trail to the first flooded section, which I detoured around using Monterey Highway. I rejoined the trail at Metcalf Road and went north to Silver Creek Road. I knew another section was flooded before Hellyer Park, so took another detour from Silver Creek to Hellyer Ave to the park. I wanted to see if I could get to the velodrome but found there was still a third flood right at the velodrome parking lot. Two weekends from now we’ll be having HPV fun day where human-powered vehicles of various types can use and race on the track. This confirmed that we’ll have to get there through the back entrance because there is no way that the flood will be gone in two weeks. I retraced my steps to get home, ending up with a ride of just over three hours.

If anything the flood looks worse than a few weeks ago when I came by

On Sunday I went to the Southeast on the rural roads through San Martin and Gilroy. I rode for an hour at a brisk aerobic pace and finished up with intervals before my cooldown. I stopped by Harvey Bear County Park on the way home. This was a pleasant ride on a cool day. The sun finally came out towards the end and should stay with us for the rest of the month.

Harvey Bear Park

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