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Setu Bandhasana – Yoga for Men’s Fitness, premature ejaculation, PE

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SetuBandhasana – Yoga for fitness by Yoga specialist Dr. N.Ganesh Rao (M.Com, D.M.S, M.A, Ph.D. (Philosophy), D.N, D.Y.Ed)
Setu Bandhasana targets the muscles at the pelvic floor and invigorates strength to the back. This asana opens up the chest, hips, and groin and activates functions of the urogenital and digestive system. Its regular practice can also aid in treating depression and anxiety.
How and when to do?
Practice this yoga asana 5-7 times daily in the morning and evening. Maintain a break of 30 seconds and then switch on to next asana. For better results, regularly perform this yoga asana on an empty stomach for 2-3 months.
For more benefits perform Setu Bandhasana and Vajrasana one after the other daily.

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Disclaimer – Yoga asanas should be performed under the supervision of yoga experts.

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