Nutrition Gets Personal: ZOE Review with Dr. Lara Hyde

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If you’re curious to learn more about what the ZOE test and program involves, Dr. Lara Hyde of Nourishable recently shared her experience with ZOE on her YouTube channel.

You can catch her full review here:

“It turns out that my body handles fats poorly – something that had never been picked up by any fasting lab tests in the past…Using the ZOE food scores I was able to make some shifts in my dietary patterns to avoid overloading my fat handling capacity and hopefully ward off dietary inflammation in the long run. I came away feeling educated and empowered to eat a nourishing diet specialized to my metabolism.”

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We the most advanced scientific lab tests to help you better understand your microbiome, blood sugar responses and blood fat responses. After testing your body, our technology will provide you with the tools you need to eat for your unique metabolic health.

ZOE is based on years of independent science and research with scientists and researchers at Stanford, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, King’s College London and my more. The program uses cutting edge technology and AI to compare your metabolic profile to thousands of others, helping you to understand what makes your body different.

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