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Lieke Claver is a Dutch track and field star who has suddenly become hugely popular due to the social network TikTok. Of course, the athlete has spent many years on hard training and put a lot of effort into building her brilliant career. But her name has been around since the girl, without having her own account, managed to become one of the most talked about personalities on the popular social network during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. This sudden popularity has benefited her, and today the girl is actively developing her Instagram, to which more than 650 thousand of her fans have already subscribed.

Today, Like is a student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and a successful track and field athlete. Her long journey from a little mobile girl to an Olympic athlete and European champion began when she was 9 years old. Noticing that Like is very active and loves to run with her brother, her mother insisted on enrolling in the athletics section. The girl herself then wanted to take up dancing. But she got used to running pretty quickly and began to make progress. Like initially wanted to focus on sprinting the 100m and 200m. But the coach recommended that she run 400 meters because of her height (184 centimeters), and this partly determined the fate of the girl.
Lieke Klaver
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