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Ye Koi Transformation Hai?

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In my Genesis online training program, I have had thousands of clients from over 40 countries around the globe. People have had excellent results, good results and sometimes not-so-good results.

And latter part is the truth no fitness program wants to share. Because its bitter and it’s the reality. I have already made detailed video series on the concept of transformations, and written an eBook on the subject.

And, I asked a question there, that whenever you see most of the transformation programs, how come everyone is so ripped & lean?

This is the most important doubt you should ask yourself. This may be the question to actually identify between fake and real transformations.

I have seen transformation pics of few coaches, dieticians, fitness apps/websites, or some influencer etc. and found a very funny kind of a similarity in the transformations of their own clients.

The fact, that almost everyone seemed to be extremely ripped, and lean, be it men or women, in a very short span of time, all being 100% natural (as the expert proudly proclaims).

How can everyone have similar type of transformation, which goes against the very principle of exercise physiology, i.e. the Principle of Individuality. Acc. to which, every individual is different and responds differently to the same type of training and nutrition. This is based on a combination of factors like genetic ability, difference in muscle fibre types, various other factors in your life, age, and psychological status.

In simple terms, if I design an exactly the same program for 2 individuals, both will get different results, because of the above-mentioned factors. Then how come, all the before-after pics on few platforms, look the same? All ripped and all lean, and all that in the same amount of time too.

In Genesis, there are people from every walk of life, from professional sportsmen to housewives; from doctors & surgeons to scientists and engineers; from defence/police/paramilitary personnel to elderly & teens; from corporate guys to medical cases; and many more.

But till date, I haven’t seen 2 individuals, getting the same results with the same program. Everyone has their own genetics, their own lifestyle, different aims and goals, different cultures and traditions, different social and environmental surroundings, different stress levels, different mental makeup, and many other differences.

Some people get results faster, and some are slow responders. Some are able to diligently follow the program, yet many aren’t able to continue due to multiple reasons of their own, and many have to stop the program in between due to some kind of an emergency in their lives. And so on…

But, people don’t want to accept or even understand this simple basic fact. Let me show you how real transformation take place for different individuals, and how people commented on their pics.

When I posted the above pic on my Instagram handle & YouTube community, most viewers never bothered to read her story. Despite of a clear visible difference, people made fun of the pic, as they have a similar kind of transformation in their minds w.r.t everyone.

This is her story, in her own words:

The images might not show a lot of physical difference but i can see the improvement based on the last 3 months.

I’m 46 years old from Bangladesh. I suffered from hip bone damage and knee ligament problem and due to that I use to struggled with walking and it would hurt 24 hours a day and I had to use crutches, also I couldn’t bend my left knee.

I was 78 kg’s. I had been watching Akshay sir for a long time and after years of struggling continuously from the pain, I decided to join the Genesis Program. After joining I’ve seen many differences.

I eat better now and rarely have junk food. I don’t have knee problems anymore and don’t need to intake painkillers anymore. I sleep better and feel much more awake. I am currently 75 kg’s which isn’t a lot but my waist went from 37 inches to 33 inches.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from this program is what it feels like to live a pain free life and how to stay healthy. Akshay Sir has always said that to lead a healthy life you need to give your 100% exercising, 100% eating and 100% sleep, I’ve been able to feel these differences from following the program.”

Here is another transformation, in progress, which some people didn’t find either acceptable or they made fun of it.

Here is what he said:

When I started I was 164 and in my current I am at 147 with good loss in fat and shape, I had a interaction with Satyam right after my enrolment to plan. He understand the need and situation of the client and has never treated me like a client for me he is like a brother who want his brother to get in shape. He would keep a follow-up, will change according to need and is available whenever required. I wish him best of luck and I am looking forward more for the coming journey

For all the youngsters, who are yet to understand people from perspective of a coach, and the bitter truth they are neglecting, when you train a morbidly obese individual, in the initial days, the person will show a drastic decrease in weight and fat. Slowly, the body adapts and then stabilizes and the results level down.

For such people, loss of this amount of fat in a period of 8-10 weeks is a phenomenal result. What people want to see is a person with sharp ripped physique in the after pic, and not how the person is transforming.

This is another pic, which a lot of people were happy with, because his abs are visible. But I was happy because he gained muscle mass and strength along with it, and didn’t shrink to look naturally ripped.

The needs, goals and lifestyle of this individual is absolutely different from the above two.

Here is the pic of a competitive athlete who trained under Genesis program, and gained phenomenal transformation. But this is not natural and he was taking anabolics, for the simple reason that he was preparing for competitive bodybuilding.

There is no way we can compare the transformation of any of these individuals with each other. That’s the truth which youngsters need to understand today, in the world of fake social media.

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