The health benefits of apples ⏲️ 6 Minute English

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As the proverb says: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We’ll hear from an expert about the latest research on the benefit of apples and teach you related vocabulary to help you talk about this topic.

❓❓❓ This week’s question:
Over the centuries, hundreds of different apple varieties have been grown in orchards up and down the country, some with quite unusual names. So, which of the following is the name of a real type of English apple?
a) a Taylor’s gold
b) a Golden pippin
c) a Black Worcester
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

✔️proverb – short sentence or expression giving some well-known, traditional advice or common sense
✔️peckish – slightly hungry
✔️exotic – unusual and exciting, often because it comes from a far away place
✔️trim the waistline – keep a healthy body weight with no extra fat around the waist
✔️versatile – able to be used for many purposes, or in many different ways
✔️in good shape – in a good state of health; in a good condition

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