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The Best Slim Wallets for Men in 2023

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The best slim wallets for men reimagine what everyday carry looks (and feels) like. Why schlep a bevy of cardscash, and receipts? Lightening the load is liberating.  

If you’re like most men, you’ve probably got a leather bifold busting at the seams and maybe even a money clip stuffed with bills because you can’t fit everything in one place. It’s time to streamline and invest in something new.

Minimalist wallets cut down on what you carry around because of the simple fact there’s less pack it with stuff you don’t need. Like cleaning out your closet, this forces you to edit down to the bare essentials. No more business cards you’ll never hand out, expired coupons, or sandwich shop loyalty cards. Changing traditional leather for metal—common with many lighter wallets today—slims things down, too, while offering excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

But what if you still like to carry cash? That’s a smart move, especially when traveling—and the modern crop of thin wallets can accommodate a few. None will hold nearly as much as that faded, leather bifold wallet, but they also won’t stretch out like leather or stealthily grow to the size of a quarter-pounder burger either. Slip one of these stylish, minimalist wallets in your back pocket instead.  

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WESN Forsta thin leather bifold wallet
Grid Antimicrobial Copper RFID-blocking wallet
Ridge Carbon Fiber 3K RFID-blocking wallet
TGT Wallets Americana Deluxe wallet made of Italian lambskin
Dango M007 Maverick RFID-blocking wallet with internal multi-tool
Nomatic Wallet thin synthetic wallet
Pelican G5 Personal Utility RF Field waterproof wallet
Groove Life Groove RFID-blocking wallet with removable money clip
Bellroy Flip Case colorful leather wallet
Focx R2 Accountant slim leather wallet
Nixon State Wallet_pxlr

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