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7 Wild New Mountain Bike Trails and Destinations

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Many of us live for off-road biking and adventure cycling. Whether it’s single track, gravel, cross-country, downcountry, or downhill, mountain biking is a superb way of experiencing the backcountry. 

It’s also an excellent tool for fitness. In whatever format you choose, mountain biking develops the quads of an ibex and the lungs of a lion. The trouble is that most mountain bike trails suffer from overpopulation by tourists. 

Classic hots pots like Whistler, Bend, Moab, and the Northeast Kingdom are spectacular and well worth experiencing, but you’ll likely be contending with packed parking lots and singletrack traffic.

So, where are the latest, crowd-proof backcountry adventures hiding for today’s two-wheeled warriors? Undaunted explorers have quietly been developing mountain bike trails in areas you probably haven’t heard about. 

These new destinations aren’t crowded or rutted out, and there’s still an aura of exploration and free-wheeling fun when you ride. Noting the vast difference between highly managed bike parks and trail systems (primarily in the U.S. and Canada) and true adventure trails that are often historic footpaths dating back hundreds (if not thousands) of years, here are our favorite “new” mountain bike trails and destinations in all their glory.

Three mountain bikers on a snowy summit in La Grave, France.
Mountain biker riding down a red rock trail in Sedona, AZ.
Mountain biker in mid-air on a jump down a bike trail near Grand Junction, CO.
Mountain biker heading up a woodsy trail in Bentonville, AR.
Dirt hiking/multi-use path above Oaxaca City, Mexico.
Dirt bike trail and blue sky with clouds in Columbus, OH.
Couple biking on a gravel road in Alaska, near Denali National Park.

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