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60+ Short Hairstyles for Heart Face Women

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Find hairstyles for Heart face shape women can be complemented by a variety of short, chic haircuts, such as layered pixie cuts, chin-length bobs, and asymmetrical crops. The broader forehead and narrower chin can be balanced by adding volume to the hair in the form of soft waves or curls. A deep side part or side-swept bangs can help elongate the face and draw attention to the cheekbones.


Wavy short hairstyles can complement heart-shaped faces by softening the angular features. Loose waves, beachy curls, and tousled layers can add volume and create a natural and effortless look, while side-swept bangs can highlight the cheekbones.


Straight short hairstyles can work well for heart-shaped faces by creating clean lines and structure. Blunt cuts, asymmetrical bobs, and layered crops can highlight the cheekbones and add volume to the crown.

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