Nutrition Program Strategies for Body Composition

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Did you hear? The most trusted name in fitness is now expanding into the physique and bodybuilding world. Become an NASM Physique and Bodybuilding Coach and you will be delivered your next step in fitness programming knowledge to meet the needs of bodybuilding and physique clients.

There’s certainly a blueprint to losing weight but different body types react better than others so nutrition, obviously, plays a key role in reaching your fitness goals.

In this “NASM-CPT Podcast,” host Rick Richey is joined by featured guest, Nutrition and Physique Coach, Dr. Joseph Munoz, for a deep dive conversation tying together nutrition with body composition.

Munoz, who wrote a chapter in NASM’s Bodybuilding and Physique Coaching course, separates fact from fiction with composition-related goals, details the most ideal time to weigh yourself during this journey, tips for tracking your daily weight, as well unpacks if it’s possible to gain muscle, while losing body fat, at the same time.

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