Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Optimise Your Health With These 4 Biohacks | Vishen Lakhiani

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How do you enhance every marker of your health and wellness? Optimized Health & Fitness Practices 👉

In this video, Mindvalley founder Vishen talks us through his own health transformation covering everything from:
– Why food psychology is the missing piece in the human diet puzzle
– How supplements are for more than you think
– Why it’s good to spend time under tension
– How to live past 100

If you’d like to explore any of the methodologies he mentions further, there are intensive programs on each all available with Mindvalley Membership

No matter what your fitness starting point is or how old you are, you can level up and enjoy every waking minute savoring life with youthful energy and vitality, while rewarding yourself with your dream body for years to come.

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Once you’re on the platform search for:
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