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45+ Jemimah Rodrigues Hairstyles

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Indian cricketer Jemimah Rodrigues is renowned for rocking a variety of chic hairdos. She has become a style icon for cricket supporters and non-sportspeople alike thanks to her daring and confident hair choices. Jemimah Rodrigues Hairstyles are always trendy and versatile.

Medium Length Hair

Jemimah Rodrigues’ medium-length open hairdo is classic and feminine. Adding volume and texture with a centre or side part, she customises her look. Jemimah’s open hair looks elegant and stylish for casual and formal events.


Jemimah Rodrigues’s ponytail is a sleek and versatile hairdo that involves pulling her hair back and secure it hair tie. To enhance her ponytail, she adds volume and shape. Jemimah’s ponytail looks elegant and fashionable for sports and daily wear.

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