When to Use Parenteral Nutrition

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This video provides an overview of parenteral nutrition.

You will learn about the purpose of providing parenteral nutrition, the components of parenteral nutrition, the risks associated with parenteral nutrition, and guidelines for starting it.

Remember, parenteral nutrition is intravenous nutrition. It’s delivered directly into the veins.

Patients can be maintained on parenteral nutrition for a few days, or they can be on it for a few years. It all depends on the condition that leads them to needing it.

Needless to say, the development of parenteral nutrition is one of the greatest medical achievements in human history!


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📚 Chapters for this video:

0:00 When to start a patient on parenteral nutrition
0:52 Description of parenteral nutrition
2:06 Overview of risks associated with parenteral nutrition
4:08 Guidelines for the initiation of parenteral nutrition
6:50 Examples of the guidelines for initiation
8:37 Recommendations for weaning parenteral nutrition
9:17 Summary of when to use parenteral nutrition


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