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The Best Winter Running Gear for 2023

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When it’s cold, dark, and wet for several months out of the year, you have three valid excuses for staying inside instead of going on a run. But if you don’t want the weather to dictate your training schedule, suiting up in winter running gear is one way to combat the challenges that come with running in less-than-ideal conditions. Another way is to reframe your mindset.

What to Consider When Running During the Winter

Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I’m embracing the constant drizzle by appreciating the subtler changes the season brings, like the fresh rain scent and quieter streets. Having a go-to winter running outfit reduces the amount of mental energy it takes to plan my run, which means I can devote more energy to motivating myself to get outside when I’m less enthused. I’ve built on this habit by keeping my winter running gear close to the door, so it’s easy to grab and go.

I also make things easier on myself by keeping my kit pretty simple: Layers cover everything except my face, and I add and remove pieces depending on the temperature. I often wear the same outfit—often multiple times between washes—and together, these items keep me dry and warm. My advice for building a winter running gear outfit? Wear what you already have and fill in the gaps in your kit using the gear picks below.

How We Picked These Winter Running Gear Items

Most of the selections below can be found in my drawers and closet, while a few picks are alternatives to some of my more outdated pieces. I chose those items based on research and familiarity with outdoor gear brands I’ve built up in my five years as a product tester. Every piece in this guide is designed for winter performance, and I have tested many of these items in snow, rain, and cold. That said, if you live somewhere that regularly experiences subzero days, I’d suggest adding more breathable, wicking layers underneath your outer layer in addition to what’s in this list.

From traction devices to UV-blocking sunglasses, these 12 items complete the ultimate winter running kit. Face any wet and cold weather head on with this wind-blocking, weather-repelling, and sweat-wicking winter running gear.

The Best Winter Running Gear for 2023

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