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The Best Micro Hotels Around the World

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Micro hotels, or hotels offering pint-sized rooms for travelers, might not sound glamorous, but they make a lot of sense. While we’re not opposed to cavernous hotel rooms, let’s be honest—how many vacations have you been on where the hotel was the main attraction? Ultimately, you’re paying to have a really big place to store your luggage while you go sightseeing. On top of that, today’s micro hotels aren’t just penalty boxes; many of them boast eye-catching design and considered details to rival more traditional options.

The History of Micro Hotels

First appearing in Japan in 1979, “capsule hotels” were cheap beds primarily used by businessmen who were working long hours or who had a few too many to catch the last train out of the city. And they were tiny—about 20 square feet, with a separate bathroom down the hall.

As the trend drifted toward the West, it evolved into micro hotels. These rooms usually measure around 115 to 220 square feet, and many feature ensuite bathrooms. While they can still feel small—particularly when vacationing with a partner—springing for scaled-down accommodations can make a big difference for your travel budget.

Whether you’re looking for a bare-minimum crash pad or the opportunity to indulge in micro-scale luxury travel, going small is a worthwhile option. Read on to learn about some of the best micro hotels worth visiting around the world.

The Best Micro Hotels

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