Doctor reveals: 7 Nutrition Facts I wish I knew earlier

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Nutrition Facts I wish I knew earlier. What are some of the nutrition facts you wish you learned years ago? Let’s look at my top 7 nutrition facts, their relevance and what they reveal about food and health.

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What are the top nutrition facts you wish you knew long ago?
Let’s look at my top 7.
top nutrition facts #7
Being willing to make mistakes. Trying new things in the kitchen

So true. some of my favorites I found by trying out crazy new stuff. I was always very open to making mistakes in the kitchen.

Top nutrition facts #6
It’s a marathon not a sprint. No fad diets, just learning to build one’s health

So many times we want to be perfect so we never get started. Gradually building toward a healthy dietary pattern without hacks or shortcuts. It’s a fact of life and it’s a great nutrition fact as well

Top nutrition facts #5
eating healthy is not the same as eating less calories.
we’re fixated on weight loss and being lean. we can be lean and unhealthy

when I focused on health-promoting foods the calorie issue solved itself

Top nutrition facts #4
protein is not only in ‘protein foods’
we’ve been fed all these myths growing up
we can get protein from animals or plants, same for calcium and iron

we can get plenty of calcium from dairy but no one told us about the #1 source (greens).

Top nutrition facts #3
there is no one ‘magic’ diet.

Every diet guru is based on “My diet is the one true diet”. It’s very appealing. A new shiny diet that delivers weight loss without effort
Vegan, mediterranean, paleo, low carb, low fat can all be done in a healthy way

focus on healthy foods not diet wars

Top nutrition facts #2
I wish I knew not to look at nutrients in isolation
So powerful. A lot of the debate around nutrition is about single nutrients

It’s even in the name, nutrition is about nutrients!!
this microfocus confuses people and distracts from the real issue (overall health impact of a food)

And I would go even one step further, beyond the food and looking at the entire dietary pattern

And Top nutrition facts #1
personal preferences matter and the best diet is the one that’s healthy enough and you can stick with and enjoy long-term

Most disagreements around nutrition focus on ‘what’s the best diet’. But the best diet is the one that gives you long-term health

So use the science to point you in the right direction but how far you go and how fast you get there has to personalized because it has to work for you
If you want more info here’s another video where I tackled a lot of other nutrition facts

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