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Bowmore and Aston Martin Drop Edition 2 22-Year-Old

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Bowmore and Aston Martin are back at it again with the cross promotional single malts (you might remember ARC-52 Single Malt Scotch, a 52-year-old single malt with a $75K price tag). Now, the prestigious Islay distillery and British automotive company are dropping Bowmore Masters’ Selection Edition 2 22-Year-Old. The fourth collab for the two masterminds can be yours for an accessible price, too.

Bowmore Masters’ Selection Edition 2 22-Year-Old is a limited-edition whisky. A mixture of American oak hogshead casks and sherry butts were used in the final blend for this whisky, which has an impressive 51.5 percent ABV proof point.

According to Bowmore, this deep copper colored whisky has aromas of heather honey, eucalyptus, vanilla, cherries, licorice, anise, mint, and fresh tobacco. On the palate, vanilla fudge, butterscotch, thyme, and white pepper merge with hazelnut, maple syrup, and dates. The finish is said to be sweet and woody, with licorice and a hint of peatsmoke.

That’s an impressively complex flavor profile for any whisky (we left out some of their notes to keep your eyes from crossing while reading this), but it’s entirely possible that a well-blended mixture of American oak and sherry-seasoned oak could deliver the relative highs and lows of flavor they’ve described.

And it wouldn’t be unusual for either company to deliver on excellence. In fact, a mutual respect for one another is part of the reason why Aston Martin and Bowmore continue to collaborate.

Bottle of Bowmore Masters’ Selection Edition 2 22-Year-Old
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“We are always striving to push the boundaries to achieve the very best in each car we create,” said Marek Reichman, chief creative officer of Aston Martin. “In coming together with Bowmore, we can imagine, discover, and create together, taking inspiration from one another constantly. Working together to create synergies and bridges between our two worlds feels very natural so we’ve achieved a powerful harmony built on mutual respect, trust, and understanding.”

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