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Best Green Powders of 2023 to Boost Your Health

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A propriety blend tells you what’s in the supplement but does not disclose how much of each is in it. “I personally like to know exactly what’s in the supplements I take. Additionally, you should look for a powder that contains a large variety of vegetables, as this will ensure you’re getting different nutrients,” Feder adds. Lastly, he suggests a third-party supplement tested for contaminants and other ingredients to ensure the powder is safe.

Kara stresses that looking for key ingredients that provide beneficial nutrients is essential. “Some specific examples include artichokes, cabbage, and broccoli—which are all high in fiber—and kale and spinach—which are both high in essential nutrients like vitamin K, B6, and potassium,” he says.

Beyond these nutrients, it’s also important to look for ingredients that are high in antioxidant value. “Antioxidants are essential for helping to combat free radical damage at the cellular level, which can help avoid serious health issues,” he adds. Greens like asparagus, cabbage, and collard greens are loaded with antioxidants.

What to Watch For

Some green powders contain added sugars, preservatives, coloring, and other artificial ingredients that may not be helpful for your health, so make sure to take a closer look at the ingredients list.

Green powders are not for everyone, according to Catherine Gervacio, R.D. “If you’re taking medications, it’s ideal to consult a health professional before taking them. For example, anti-cholesterol medications may interfere with the absorption of nutrients green powders contain,” she says.

Green powders are safe as long as they’re sourced well, but some supplements have been shown to contain heavy metals like lead.

“If the soil in which greens like kale and alfalfa contains heavy metals, the plants can possibly absorb those metals,” warns Hilbert. That’s why third-party testing is so essential.

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