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5 Best Face Exercises To Get Perfect Strong Defined Jawline For Men – Exercises to Get TIGHTEN CHIN!

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5 Best Face Exercises To Get Perfect Strong Defined Jawline For Men – Exercises to Get TIGHTEN CHIN!

Facial exercises are a great way of safely getting rid of all the excess fat that has accumulated on your face.

Most women tend to attract men who have a strong, muscular jawline. So watch this video, if you want to get rid of face fat and get strong jawline.

Exercising the jaw muscles helps build them up and give your jaw a more defined look.

5 Best Face Exercises To Get Strong Jawline For Men:

#5. Fish Face Exercise

This exercise is quite simple as well. Close your mouth, pucker your lips.

Suck your left cheek in. Hold it in at the innermost point for half a second and then let go. Repeat this 20 times.

Once you’re done with the left cheek, perform the same for your right cheek (20 times). After you’re done with the right cheek, perform this exercise for both cheeks simultaneously (20 times).

#4. Puffing Face Exercise

This particular exercise works on your cheeks as well as lips.

Now, fill your mouth with as much air as you can. You should feel your cheeks getting stretched.

Now, alternate this air from the left cheek to the right.

Do this 20 times. Relax for a few seconds and repeat it once again (20 times).

#3. Smiling Exercise

Now, clench your teeth and smile the widest that you’ve ever smiled.

Show off your pearlies!

By the way, the best way to go about this exercise is to face a mirror and do it. Stretch your cheek muscles away from each other and smile away! Do this in 2 sets of 10 repetitions (or 1 set of 20).

#2. Jaw-Dropping Exercise

Now, drop your jaw and stretch it downwards as much as you can. Stop at the point where you can’t take it down anymore.

While doing so, you may notice a soft clicking or popping sound originating from the point where your jaw muscles meet (near your ear). Don’t worry about that, it’s perfectly normal. Hold this position for half a second and then bring your jaw back to its resting position.

#1. Chewing Gum

chewing gum on a regular basis works wonders when it comes to exercising your jaw muscles, and to a certain extent, your cheeks.

You can do this anywhere, anytime if you want to get a strong defined jawline.

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