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10 Ways to Look Better Instantly

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Investing in yourself is one of the greatest acts of self-care. Overhauling your fitness and adopting a fitness regimen for longevity takes time, but yields immense dividends in the long run. You lose weight, build muscle, and gain confidence that extends to every facet of your life. Now, if you’re looking for something with more immediacy, there are ways to look better instantly.

By adhering to simple style and grooming tips, you can enhance what you’re naturally working with. It’s not about vanity. It’s about acknowledging you’re worthy of the same care and attention you put into your work or family. So, if you’re ready to elevate yourself, here are 10 ways to look better instantly.

10 Ways to Look Better Instantly

Close-up of tailor's hands taking measurements for suit
William and Susan Brinson

1. Tailor your clothing… all of it

Nothing says you don’t care quite like clothing that doesn’t fit. There was a time when a tailor was as important in a man’s rolodex as his barber, his bartender, and his best friend. Somewhere along the line we started to think of a tailored look as a negative thing. It’s not, and it never was. A well-tailored wardrobe will likely cost you less in the long run. A shirt can cost you next to nothing and spending the extra change to make it fit properly will fool everyone into thinking you spent a lot more than you really did. Look to sites like Yelp to help you get an idea where the tailors near you are and if it would be worth the trip.

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