This Woman Can Tell Your Health From A Picture Of Your Eye

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Elle Scott is a clinical iridologist and a cellular regenerative detox specialist. In this conversation, we talk about iridology, the lymphatic system, cell regeneration, daily routine, what she eats, how to optimize for longevity, her evolving sexual orientation, being conservative in the gay community, and many other fascinating topics. This conversation took a lot of twists and turns that you won’t expect.

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0:00 – Intro
0:45 – What Is Iridology?
5:15 – How Is It Possible To See Genetics?
9:15 – What Is Lymphatic System?
14:40 – Effects Of Different Foods
20:00 – Pros & Cons of Different Diets
23:55 – Rings Of Tree Similar To Rings Of Eye?
25:55 – How To Improve Lymphatic System & Digestion
33:30 – Detox Process
34:00 – Carnivore Diet Rebuttal
42:10 – Optimizing For Longevity
51:20 – Betty White & Warren Buffett
54:00 – Effects Of Detox & Eating Grapes
1:01:50 – Steve Jobs Diet
1:09:40 – Cell Regeneration
1:14:30 – Favorite Part Of Iridology
1:19:00 – Pranic Healing
1:26:40 – Cain Velasquez & Ethics
1:35:20 – Breaking Off Engagement Twice
1:43:15 – Idea Of Being Born Gay
1:49:40 – Being Outcast In Gay Community
1:57:40 – Pride Parade
2:02:00 – Conservative In Gay Community
2:05:45 – Best Story Of Turning Down A Guy
2:12:00 – Mental Blender
2:17:15 – Sexual Energy
2:24:20 – Decline Of Masculinity
2:30:30 – Find Online

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