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The Best (and Worst) Jerseys in Sports

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What makes a great sports uniform? It’s twofold. Aesthetics are critical, of course. The outfit has to be easy on the eyes, because the rules of dressing well don’t disappear just because the setting is a soccer game rather than Paris Fashion Week. But a quality jersey is also about meaning. To enter the upper ranks of sports fashion, a look has to symbolize something—success, a style of play, the bond between a team and its fanbase, or some other source of passion.

What makes a terrible sports uniform, on the other hand? Well, it’s having none of those traits. Some jerseys are neither aesthetically pleasing nor meaningful, and those are the ones eligible for consignment to the dustbin of history. Sports organizations are always rolling out new uniform designs as they look to keep their branding fresh and find new things to sell to fans. Unfortunately, a lot of these ensembles are horrendous.

Here, we surveyed major sports leagues and highlighted seven of the best and three of the worst team jerseys ever. Which of these uniforms would you hang on your wall?

The Best (and Worst) Sports Jerseys of All Time

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