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Major Tech Announcements at 2023 CES You Should Care About

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But Android, unlike Apple, wants to make playback more interoperable across headphone/earbud brands, so they’ve expanded Fast Pair to sync across 300 headphones from brands like Beats, JBL, OnePlus, and Sony. They’re also working with Spotify on interconnectedness from Android’s media player to Spotify Connect devices throughout your home, basically meaning you’ll be able to use your Android phone to send Spotify music to something like a Bose smart speaker, a Samsung TV, etc., without having to individually pair each device from your phone’s settings menu or the device’s.

This is all part of a more holistic, brand-agnostic approach coming to video and audio as well as smart devices. To that end, as with Samsung (mentioned above), Android announced integration with the Matter standard, meaning you should now be able to use an Android OS device to connect with more smart devices across brands, whether that’s a smart plug from Tuya or a Phillips Hue lightbulb.

Live dashboard cam
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Garmin’s Always-on Dashcam

Dashboard cameras are superfluous if you already own a Tesla, but maybe you don’t love Elon as much as you used to? Also: Dash cams can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, or to a rental car, which makes them more portable and useful for security when you may want to monitor your whip on vacation, in parking garages, and/or while street parking, but don’t always need techno vigilance.

Garmin’s new Dash Cam Live takes the whole notion of protection a bit further with 24/7 video access, much like a camera doorbell. In this case, it’s with an LTE subscription ($9.99/month) via cloud storage (previously this was only offered over WiFi). Thanks to GPS tracking and auto-recording in case of a break-in or a dinged bumper, you always have a time-stamped recording with location on any video to capture an event. Video gets recorded in 1440-pixel, 140-degree HDR with night vision capability.

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