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How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

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Fitness newbie or not, the right personal trainer helps you achieve your goals. But finding one, with the various options available nowadays, can be time- and energy-consuming. So, we’ve broken down some important factors to consider when choosing your trainer. 


The right personal trainer holds the accredited qualifications from institutions such as NASM to back and inform the workout programs they will design for you. They tailor programs to match your fitness or health needs. They also ensure your safety isn’t compromised.


Social media hype or a huge following isn’t an accurate indicator that a trainer is right for you. However, social media can be a good place to check out reviews left by existing clients. Pay attention to others’ testimonials. A trainer recommended by many might be worth checking out. 


Let’s be real: A certified trainer who has built a reputable brand for themself won’t be any good to you if they’re unavailable to work with you. Ask potential trainers about their schedule, the number of clients they work with, and so on. 


As much as you want to be fit or healthy, holding yourself accountable may not always be easy. What with all the other responsibilities needing your attention! The right personal trainers provide accountability to ensure you remain on track to meet your goals. They have a tracking method for measuring progress and noting any areas needing improvement. 

What’s more, they ensure it’s not so easy for you to skip sessions or disregard meal plans. You have someone to answer to, and you pay them to hold you to account!


Speaking of paying a trainer, find out how much a trainer charges for their sessions. Are their rates affordable? Considering travelling costs, is the amount you will need to spend each month within your budget? Does the trainer offer different payment packages that can help you to foot your bill?  


Believe it or not, a trainer’s personality matters a lot if you are looking for the right fit. You won’t be as motivated to hit the gym if you know you’ll only be interacting with a trainer who seems cold and distant or is judgmental and makes it hard for you to ask questions. When you find potential trainers, pay them a visit. Talk to them and get a feel of their energy or personality. If you hit it off instantly, that can be a good sign that you will have a good professional relationship.


Finding the right personal trainer is about matching a trainer’s expertise and personality with your needs or expectations. A good personal trainer is capable of training you in a manner that helps you reach your health or fitness goals without harming you in the process. And if you’re unsure about your own expectations, the right trainer will allow you to be honest about this, and they are prepared to help you figure out what can work for you. 

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