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Best Wool Blanket Coats, Jackets, and Sweaters for Men

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Hit western drama Yellowstone is sparking a resurgence in western wear, but one of the more notable trends the show is bringing back is the blanket coat. Wool blanket coats, also known as “capotes,” were a staple of frontier life in the 1700s and 1800s. These full-length coats were made from a heavy, blanket-weight material that cloaked the body and tied at the front. Many of the coats featured vibrant, Southwestern-style prints and often had hoods and tassels (not dissimilar to fur trappers). The best modern takes on wool blanket coats stray from the traditional design to include shorter, more practical cuts (some are even fashioned as sweaters or shirts) with button closures or zippers—and nary a tassel in sight.

Heritage brands like Pendleton and Filson are all over the style, collaborating with other brands to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Here are the best wool blanket coats to buy now; they’ll last winters to come.

Striped yellow, black, and red wool jacket on an off-white background.
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1. Ginew Facing East Flyer’s Jacket

Native American-owned brand Ginew collaborated with artist Dyani White Hawk and Pendleton to create the colorful pattern and fabric for this coat. The wool-cotton blend outer is lined with a safety-orange satin. It’s bright, warm, and does some good as 20 percent of sales go to support a skatepark project on native lands.


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Multi-colored Southwestern patterned wool jacket on a white background.
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2. Roark Axeman Jacket

You get the best of both worlds in this collab between Roark and Pendleton: Blanket weight with a cropped design for workwear sensibility. Roark took Pendleton’s signature pattern and reimagined it with its own color palette. The coat is 100 percent wool with a sherpa fleece lining that adds next-to-skin comfort that’s unrivaled.


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