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Best Eco-conscious Ski and Snowboard Gear

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As increasingly unpredictable weather affects those who love snow sports, the need to tackle climate change is becoming more personal than ever. Take the current winter, where East Coast skiers are having to perform snow dances during the lowest snow year in memory. On the flip side, West Coast skiers and riders are doggedly weathering storms just to reach the snow-packed slopes. That’s why it’s imperative to put your hard-earned cash into brands dedicated to making the best eco-friendly ski and snowboard gear.

While Protect Our Winters has been reminding enthusiasts why we need winter, it’s taken a bit for gear purveyors to make planet-friendly changes. Low-impact, eco-friendly ski and snowboard gear uses materials and processes that generate less carbon, allow for easier recycling and, in many cases, help your gear perform even better.

It might not seem like you’re making as big of a ripple effect as, say, Greta Thunberg, but consumer purchases really do make a statement and can influence the market. The higher the demand for eco-friendly gear, the greater the supply.

Best Eco-conscious Ski and Snowboard Gear of 2023

Pair of wood-colored skis on a white background.
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1. Rossignol Essential Skis

Rossignol’s Essential skis were developed with simple raw materials that facilitate end-of-life recycling without compromising on-slope performance. The skis start with recycled materials and responsibly sourced beech wood, and the graphic design process is solvent and water-free, making these 77 percent recyclable at the end of their lifespan (10 times greater than traditional skis). Rossignol partnered with MTB, a recycling company based in Trept, France, to repurpose spent skis into automotive, garden, and construction goods. Perhaps most importantly, Rossignol shared both the materials and manufacturers it used with competitors to help other companies do better, too. The snappy Essential skis deliver the exceptional performance and dependable durability that defines all Rossignol skis. They’re made for advanced intermediate- to expert-level skiers.


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