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Top Travel Destinations to Book in 2023

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Is it just us, or are fewer people projecting a panacea for the upcoming year? Maybe the pandemic took us all to rock bottom and we’ve collectively decided to be realistic. It’s not like a single night’s sleep on December 31 will ever change our luck. Instead, it’ll require—as always—a collection of proactive decisions, many of which are anchored in new experiences and perspectives. And what’s the best way to collect those experiences and perspectives? Travel, of course. And the top travel destinations of 2023 can take you near or far.

Perhaps more than any year prior, 2023 deserves expansive horizons—be they crystal blue, history harboring, or ice covered. We all trudged through the last three years and thus, we all need one of those vacations that jumpstarts some kind of personal renaissance. For that reason, we’ve rounded up eight destinations that could actually make 2023 your year—no cure-all prescription required. Book your ticket now, and feel that serotonin surge inside you. Aside from the trip itself, few things feel as fantastic as looking forward to the next big vacation.

Macon, GA, downtown skyline.

Macon, Georgia
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

1. Macon, Georgia

Humble Macon, one hour southeast of Atlanta, rings in its bicentennial in 2023 with a long period of revitalization that has readied the city for an influx of tourists. Its downtown thrives with more than 50 restaurants, five historic theaters, over 30 bars and music venues, and two new boutique hotels to top it off: Hotel Forty Five and The Woodward. Meanwhile, a new 10,000-seat amphitheater is underway and should open its doors in the calendar year. Just to the city’s east is Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park, the former Muscogee Nation grounds, that tells the peoples’ history through both a guided walking path and a 2,000-artifact museum—chronicling the rich history of 17,000-plus years of human existence along the Ocmulgee River.

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