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The Corduroy Pants Guide: Our Top Picks for Men

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Each year, guys around the world quest for winter-appropriate pants that fuse the roll-out-of-bed comfort of sweatpants with a fashion-forward sensibility, durability, and vintage appeal. Corduroy pants check all those boxes. Generations of style-savvy men have cherished this velvety ribbed material as a cold-weather staple, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the cord.

Corduroy is a ridged fabric that can be traced back to fustian, a dense woven fabric of linen and cotton invented in ancient Egypt. In the following centuries, the wavy textile found its way to Europe, where it became a popular material for garments worn by clergymen, nobles, and merchants in the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, mills in Manchester, England began weaving pile-cut yarn into what we would recognize as a modern-day corduroy. Ever since, this soft and surprisingly durable material has been used in a wide range of apparel and even in furniture and upholstery, too.

Plush yet durable, corduroy is a versatile textile that can take many forms in a man’s wardrobe, from baseball caps to pleated trousers. Today’s corduroy fabrics are available in a variety of weights and wales—the vertical ribs that lend the fuzzy, cozy texture and make corduroy a perfect fit for colder months. Generally, narrower wales are seen more often on shirts and jackets, while wider wales are reserved for garments that require more sturdy construction, like blazers or corduroy pants.

Speaking of pants, you’ll find ‘em in a dizzying range of styles and silhouettes, and they’ll work with nearly all of your footwear, from white sneakers to chunky leather boots. You can’t go wrong with corduroy—as long as you wash them inside-out to preserve the integrity of the ribbed exterior. Check out our favorite corduroy pants for men below.

The Best Corduroy Pants for Men 2023

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