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The Comfiest Leisure Gear to Get You Through the Winter

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The chilly winter months are the obvious time to seek out gear and apparel to ensure a cozy and comfortable existence. Like the Scandinavian concept of hygge (hoo-gah), which espouses the art of “comfortable conviviality,” assembling a reliable stockpile of leisure gear to last you through the coldest days of the year—and make your holidays a comfy break—is essential.

There’s a lot more to this these days than just a snuggly blanket and fluffy slippers. From wide and soft hammocks and warm alpaca ponchos to insulated mugs and the perfect new portable fireplace, our top picks to keep this season as comfy as possible will let you get your leisure on through the holidays and deep into the darkest days of February.

Large brown speckled mug on a white background.
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1. Hydro Flask 24 Ounce Mug

When you add Hydro Flask’s legendary insulating double-wall stainless steel construction from their bottles to a mug and wrap it in a soft-touch TPU, you get a next level beverage experience. And now, for the true coffee addicts out there, the big 24-ounce version is available and can swallow up to three cups of your favorite hot or cold beverage. A tight-fitting, close-able lid wards off errant splashes from sloshing and adds to the mug’s insulating properties.


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Light brown sherpa fleece jacket with brown pockets on a white background.
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2. Outerknown Skyline Shirt Jacket

If you’re going to rock a fleece jacket, you might as well go the full sherpa route and don a furry number like Outerknown’s Skyline shirt-jac. Soft and warm, the Skyline also boasts major eco-cred: the polyester pile is made from 74 percent recycled polyester sourced from 100 percent post-consumer waste, and the nylon chest pockets and contrasting detailing is made partly out of regenerated fishing nets along with other nylon garbage.


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