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The 5 Most Effective Exercises a Man Can Do

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There are precious few exercises that will hit on everything—strength, flexibility, endurance, and power—all at the same time. If you’re looking for the most effective exercises, we’ve got five options that make a terrific total-body workout, all courtesy of NFL trainer Ryan Flaherty.

Best of all, these moves take the guesswork out of putting together a routine that maximizes gains and minimizes time spent sweating. Here are the most effective exercises to know.

The Most Effective Exercises a Man Can Do

Man doing a plyo pushup. important exercises

5. The Plyo Pushup

Why it’s so effective: There’s probably no greater strength-builder than the humble pushup—so amp up the power component by exploding upward out of the bottom of the exercise. Do a bunch of these in one set, and you’ll find out just how tough this exercise can get.

How to do it: Just like your standard pushup, but with more force on the push. (It’s the same idea as the clapping pushup, except without the clap.) Set your hands about shoulder-width apart in a pushup position. Make sure your shoulders are “stacked” over your hands, and that your elbows are tight to your body, rather than flared out. Explode up, enough to bring your hands off the ground, then land softly and evenly.

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