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Essential Winter Surfing Gear to Ride Out the Chilliest Swells

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In the surfing/bank heist cult classic Point Breaknot to be confused with the lackluster 2015 remake—the final scene was one of towering winter swells out of Antarctica pounding Bells Beach in Australia. As Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) gets ready to go and surf what the 50-year-storm has wrought, FBI agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) is able to handcuff him before releasing Bodhi to his watery fate. That was probably the first time most wannabe surfers, or even warm weather shredders, saw massive winter waves depicted on film. And if that scene got you excited for the bigger waves that can come while surfing in inclement weather, you’ll need some essential winter surfing gear to tackle the challenge.

While most of us won’t be circling the globe to catch a tasty set in truly extreme conditions like Alaska or Iceland, if you’re just looking to extend your season a few extra months without traveling to tropical climes, it’s imperative to have the proper gear to keep you warm-ish on the water—and back on the beach. Here are 12 winter surfing essentials for an enhanced experience both on and off the water when things get wild and chilly out there.

Front and back of a tie-dyed patterned surfboard on a white background.
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1. Lost Surfboards GLYDRA

Surfs Up! The board is the base of all surfing adventures, and the GLYDRA is a mid-length board drawing on the efficacy of the brand’s shorter HYDRA board. It’s designed to change directions quickly while still operating in less than perfect conditions. Drawing on the features that make the HYDRA so popular, they re-engineered this longer version that required making both minor and major adjustments aside from just stretching its length. The board also retained the five-fin setup for ease of turning in small waves.

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