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Best Stick-on Biosensors to Hack Your Wellness

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Non-medical biosensors are still an emerging part of the wearable industry, but it’s not hard to get your hands on the newest tech. “The data that comes from these biomarkers can help people maximize their health and wellness and athletic pursuits,” says Taub. “It’s natural that people would seek access to this type of data to inform their decisions.” If you’re intrigued, here’s where to start.

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Keeping your blood sugar levels in check can improve sleep, better regulate mood, aid weight loss and boost athletic performance. Levels tracks blood sugar levels around the clock and lets you manually log meals, exercise and even stressful moments on the app to see how your body responds at a granular level to specific foods, stressors and physical strain so you can course-correct in real time and stay in more optimal zones.

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Figuring out how much water you need during exercise is like trying to solve for X in an algebraic equation. As you work out, Nix—a watch-face-size sensor that sticks to your upper arm—streams your sweat rate, electrolyte loss rate and sweat composition data to an app, which provides personalized notifications to help you stay hydrated. It even integrates with Apple Watch, Garmin watches and bike computers.


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Stress is inevitable, but chronic stress leads to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, weight gain and more. Stick Lief under your pectoral muscle, and the medical-grade ECG hardware tracks heart rate variability (time between heartbeats) and breath to assess real-time stress. It vibrates when levels are higher than normal, a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches you to identify triggers, then self-regulate.

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