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Amazing Yami Gautam Hairstyles

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Himachal Pradesh has given us some great Bollywood actresses, such as Yami Gautam. The talent this lady has is commendable. She always surprises us with her unique roles in each movie. She does it with perfection, whether it’s a romantic or a bold role. Talking about perfection, let’s not forget how she perfectly maintains herself. Whether it’s her outfit, shoes, or hairstyle, she knows what goes with what.

Let us look at some Yami Gautam hairstyles that will leave you amazed.

  • 2 Messy Buns

These 2 messy buns look by Yami Gautam are perfect for making on long hair. She left a few hair strands loose on both sides so the buns did not look dull. Buns get loose often; that is why you should use a hair spray to create this perfect look by Yami. For similar funky 2 buns hairstyles check out Zareen Khan hairstyles.

  • Center Parted Curly Hair

If you’re looking for working women hairstyles, then you should go for this beautiful center-parted curly hair look by Yami Gautam. She is wearing a cream coat dress that is perfect for any formal event. She kept her makeup light to match the overall look.

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Make messy buns even when you’re going on a special occasion. If you’re still unsure, take inspiration from Yami Gautam’s messy bun look on a saree. She looked so gorgeous that no one wanted to take their eyes off her. One of the hairstyles in saree you must try. Yami wore light jewelry to keep the look classy. For Similar messy low bun check out Ananya Pandey Hairstyles.

  • Low Ponytail

Ponytails are very easy to make, but they sometimes look dull when you’re going somewhere exciting. Turn your ponytail into a low ponytail with side braids. Take inspiration from Yami Gautam instead. She chose this hairstyle on an ethnic outfit, and we must say her choice was right.

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  • Messy Low Ponytail

Try to remember that look when you just wake up. Your hair is all messy. You can create that messy look on your low ponytail. Try a braided messy low ponytail just like Yami Gautam did. She made this hairstyle on her trip to mother nature. Well, mother nature must have loved her hairstyle too! For similar messy low ponytail check out Sonam Kapoor hairstyles and Alia Bhatt hairstyles.

Yami Gautam looks just as beautiful in short hair as she does in long. This half-tie hairstyle she made is perfect for any casual event. She is also wearing a casual dress with light makeup. Keep accessories as little as you can to maintain a simple look.

Have you ever seen a girl rock a curly bob in a traditional outfit? If not, look at Yami Gautam’s curly bob hairstyle on a lehenga. She took a risk trying a funky hairstyle on an ethnic outfit, and this risk paid well. Curly bob and a lehenga is a perfect combination. She wore only heavy earrings and a maangtika to complete the look. For similar bob haircut check out Kriti Sanon Hairstyles.

  • Messy Tight Bun

Yami Gautam broke many young hearts when she got married but won back all of her fan’s hearts with her after-marriage looks. She looks gorgeous in her messy tight bun hairstyle. Wearing heavy jewelry added to her beauty. This hairstyle is perfect according to Yami Gautam face shape. For elegant sleek bun check out Kajol hairstyles and Kangana Ranaut hairstyles.

  • Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

Yami Gautam very well knows how to pull off any hairstyle according to her outfit. For instance, her long bob with curtain bangs look is what made us realize that she is a fearless woman. She looks bold in this overall look. Wearing a worked blouse and heavy earrings, she looked beautiful.

  • Side-Swept Straight Hair

Pretty ladies know how to be elegant without overdoing the look. Yami Gautam is one of those pretty ladies we’re talking about. She is wearing a beautiful pink lehenga and kept her dupatta over her blouse, which is suited with her side-swept straight hair. This look is perfect for a sangeet or engagement ceremony.


We all take inspiration from celebrities, whether for outfits or hairstyles. Yami Gautam is one of the famous Bollywood actresses that has inspired so many people, and she keeps on doing that flawlessly. So, if you’re looking for some hairstyle inspiration, we recommend you try these Yami Gautam hairstyles and pick your favorite.

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