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Airbnb Reveals Hottest New Travel Destinations of 2023

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Recently, Airbnb released its findings on where travelers have been in 2022 and where they’re planning to go in 2023. At a time of year when it’s getting colder and darker in much of the U.S., Airbnb travelers were—and still are—looking for places that are warmer, sunnier, and wetter.

Where we’ve been

In 2022, the main consideration for Airbnb travelers—in addition to escaping the cold—seems to have been proximity to water. Among the top ten categories for Airbnb stays were Pool at number one followed by Beach (2), Beachfront (6), Surf Spot (8), and Lake House (9). Even frozen water got on the list with Ski Destination (10). The Iconic City category (3) also saw plenty of action.

Airbnb categories were originally created to help travelers find unique properties. The company’s latest ones include Top of the World, Trending, Adapted for Wheelchair Access, Play, and Hanoks (a traditional Korean house).

According to Airbnb, 2022 also saw an increase in extended stays at U.S. properties for foreign travelers—many of them coming from London, Toronto, Paris, Seoul, and Mexico City. And when they come, they’ve been staying awhile. During the last part of the year, the fastest growing trip length for foreign travelers has been stays of 28 nights or longer.

Where to next?

And now onto the budding Airbnb trends of 2023. The company has compiled a list of its top international travel destinations for the coming year. Much like domestic stays, warmth and water are factoring high again among travelers’ priorities. Here’s a top ten countdown of the places that people are planning to go according to Airbnb.

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