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2023 Aston Martin DBX707 Puts the ‘Super’ in SUV

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Who Buys This Car?

Some of the more frustrating details on the DBX707—frustrating because everyone, deep down, wants to love such beauty—all combine to beg the question: Who buys this car? Pushing $200,000 to start, the base DBX probably offers a smoother and quieter ride more in line with class expectations. The DBX707 clearly caters to buyers who simply must drive the most expensive Aston Martin on the showroom floor—or, more likely, those who own two or three Astons already and want a daily for family life with the same badging, iconic DB5-inspired intake, and modern ducktail lightbar.

Upping the price tag to an even more astounding $292,186 for a DBX707 equipped with the big wheels, wide tires, carbon-fiber-everything, and gorgeous “Q” Satin Titanium Grey Paint buys the power and performance. But despite the badging, such quintessential design, the sumptuous interior, and a svelte exterior, the total combo falls a bit short of that extra magic promised at the intersection of luxury and otherworldly capability.

In town, numb (though not vague) electronically assisted steering pairs with taut suspension even in the softest GT mode. The peculiar ergonomics constantly result in excessive button-mashing and bumped elbows. And anyone who spends just shy of $300,000—or well past $300,000 with tax—will surely trade one extra wipe of their weekly mobile detailer’s rag in exchange for Apple CarPlay that actually works as intended.

Maybe Aston actually wanted the tight ride, prangy wheels, and road hum to serve as a constant reminder that this is the single most powerful production gasoline-powered SUV on the planet. Undoubtedly, smaller tires with narrower wheels would produce a more compliant and quieter experience in 99 percent of driving conditions—think cruising through Hollywood traffic rather than hustling through the hills. The DBX707 seems to target that discerning buyer. Aston’s most Bond-chase-worthy SUV will likely leave passenger innards surprisingly shaken but driver emotions less than sufficiently stirred.

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