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Stunning Wellness Fitness Women – Swedish Nationals Livestream Replay

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The Wellness Fitness category in Sweden have some really strong contenders.
And during the Swedish Nationals this year many of them were on stage.
Top 3 in the -163cm was just insane and the Juniors had Wilma and Tove that are just crazy good despite their age and in the other categories a bunch of other really good Wellness Athletes competed.
A very interesting class and the competitors are:

Wellness Fitness Juniors
245 Wilma Landahl Strongbyfitness, Lidköping
243 Tove Nordén Team Fairing, Järfälla
244 Mathilda Stignor Arisen by JS, Jönköping

Wellness Fitness -163cm
251 Jessica Pap Team SSN, Stockholm
247 Jessica Eurenius Lopez Team SSN, Stockholm
302 Evelina Närdin Team SSN, Stockholm
246 Wilma Landahl Strongbyfitness, Lidköping
250 Tove Nordén Team Fairing, Järfälla
248 Liza Wicander Strongbyfitness, Lidköping
249 Matilda Jansson Team MM Sports, Askim

Wellness Fitness +163cm
253 Mathilda Stignor Arisen by JS, Jönköping
256 Natalie Zarrinpanjeh Team SSN, Stockholm
255 Emma Danielsson My Coach Athletes, Kungsbacka
254 Daria Vinokurova Team Granite, Solna
252 Anna Skoghill Team Granite, Solna

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