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Strength training over 40 female at home workout no equipment

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Strength training for over 40 females at home. This is a workout for women over 40 suitable beginner workouts to advanced level. Covers workouts for women over 50 and exercise for women over 40.

This workout is a full body strength training workout with no equipment that’s designed for women over 40. There is a standard, modified and advanced level shown so will work for all abilities.

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Most are 3 sets of 10 except where it is a single leg move then its 10 each side.

Push ups Standard
On knees (modified)
On chair (modified)

Glute bridges
Single leg glute bridges (advanced) (change sides)

Single leg chair squats
Chair squats (modified)
Pistol squats (advanced) (change sides)

Lunges (20)
Glute kickbacks (modified) (10 each leg)
Jump lunges (advanced) (20)

Dips on chair or coffee table
Modified dips (knees bent)
Dips with feet raised (advanced)

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