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Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility in Friendship, Love, & Marriage

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Pisces and Aquarius compatibility depends on how genuinely they want their relationship to work out. They are highly compatible and can form the strongest bond. They can satisfy each other by establishing a proper understanding. They have many differences; however, they can solve them pretty well. Pisces is a private person, while Aquarius is a social butterfly.

Pisces man and Aquarius woman

A Pisces man can be quite manipulative. He might also become obsessive and anxious, requiring daily assurance from his Aquarius partner. However, He is loyal and loving to his partner. Pisces man and Aquarius woman compatibility are quite exquisite. They communicate well and never think twice before saying what they feel. Hence they have a transparent and honest relationship.

Pisces woman and Aquarius man

Pisces woman and Aquarius man compatibility are challenging as both signs often have mood swings. This complicates communication since neither side wants to start a conversation.  The Pisces woman believes her Aquarius man isn’t romantic enough, while the Aquarius man is confused as to why his lover won’t open up to him. However, they must learn to communicate if they want this relationship to continue. Otherwise, things could go wrong before they start.

Pisces and Aquarius as Friends

two friends roaming around - compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius

Aquarius and Pisces share some common interests and have a strong connection. They enjoy every moment to the fullest when they are together. Pisces is that friend who plans a trip out of nowhere, and Aquarius will join it without hesitation. Pisces and Aquarius friendship compatibility makes them great friends regardless of their differences, resulting in a strong and supportive connection. 

Sex between Pisces and Aquarius

This couple enjoys exploring new things in the bedroom since the compatibility of Pisces and Aquarius in sex is intimate. Pisces is a very compassionate sign who wishes to please their Aquarius partner. They want to turn their desires come true. Aquarius loves Pisces’ curiosity in bed, and they are always willing to do anything unusual or unique. 

Pisces and Aquarius in a relationship

One of the hugest benefits of their relationship is that they both know the importance of having goals. They both work together to accomplish those goals. Pisces believes in intuition, whilst Aquarius believes in exploration. Pisces is unique, but Aquarius is clever. Their bond will be unique and encouraging to others.

Pisces and Aquarius in a Marriage

Pisces and Aquarius’s marriage compatibility can make them a very productive couple, but they both need to work hard to make it successful. Their level of a happy marriage is entirely dependent on how much confidence they have in each other. They need to develop good communication skills to help them fill the gap.

Pisces and Aquarius at Workplace

people working together in office - Pisces and Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces make the best co-workers. They rarely face any problems; however, Aquarius can get too professional. On the other hand, Pisces is a carefree sign which follows their heart and does things as per convenience. However, an Aquarius can be a good guide for a Pisces.


Pisces and Aquarius compatibility percentages are equivalent. This is because they assist each other view things from different viewpoints. For example, they might be grumpy but can solve everything over a cup of coffee.

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