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Lamborghini CTO Rouven Mohr on Creating the Huracán Sterrato

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“Originally, the tire diameter was even higher, but the consequence of this was that the front axle had to be moved a lot to the front to ensure the turning circle and also to fit the tire in the wheelhouse,” he explained. “Aesthetically, it was a little bit strange if you looked on the side. It was a nice car, but it was not so nice like the production car. Therefore, we took the compromise in the standard production car that the wheelbase is still a little bit higher, but only few millimeters because the tire diameter is a little bit smaller again.”

Balancing aesthetics with performance, both on-road and in the slippery stuff, required plenty of fiddling. Mohr now sounds confident that the Sterrato delivers exactly the feelings a Lamborghini should, but with a new level of comfort and capability.

“At the end of the day, the toughest part is, from the setup point of view, to have a car that you can drive on Nardò or on all the race tracks of the world, and have fun. You don’t feel uncomfortable because you feel still connected to the car. And on the other side, you go with the same car, with the same tire on gravel or snow and you drive like the rally heroes of the ’80s.”

But if 99 percent of Urus customers will never take their six-figures super SUVs off-roading, as Reggiani and Mohr lamented in 2017, I suggested that even fewer Huracán drivers will these days.

“You can imagine, even if the customer will not drift with the car in the gravel,” Mohr replied, “You don’t have to be worried about speed bumps or pot holes on the road. The car is more robust and it’s really more practical than the standard super sports car. But you still have the same involvement.”

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