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Camp RZR: Wildest Off-road Dunefest of the Year

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“I remember when Comp Hill was where the party was. It was right off the highway and anyone could pull off the road and come join with a regular vehicle. I remember seeing some 50,000 people out there, cars on fire, UTVs flipped over… Nowadays they’ve moved out to Oldsmobile Hill, two or three miles off the main road, and it’s for the better.”

I’ll agree that the lack of burning cars was a comforting sight, but Oldsmobile Hill is still absolutely nuts. There’s a constant parade of off-road vehicles rolling in after 9 p.m., and the party goes on until damn near sunrise.

Lit vehicles cruising on the sandy slopes of Oldsmobile Hill at night.
Garth Milan

All the rigs line up decked out in bright lights, sporting 12-foot safety whips that flop around in the night sky like oversized glow sticks. Watching them race up and down the 300-foot dune is the kind of kaleidoscopic light show you’d pay hundreds of dollars to experience anywhere else. It’s not to be missed.

The rest of the night is all bonfires, loud music, and even louder vehicles—and everyone can hang as long as they want. There’s a noticeable law enforcement presence nowadays, but it’s clear they’re here to prevent another Woodstock ‘99 scenario, not rummage through people’s coolers.

Whether you hang at the bottom of the hill to watch the show or take your rig up to the top for one last epic 360-degree view, it’s a fitting finale to a wild weekend. Clearly, Camp RZR has returned in full force. If this year is any indicator, it’ll only get better.

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