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Best Lookout Points in the World for Unbeatable Views

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Scene stealer: Did you say glass floor? Don’t fret—the Hualapai tribe, which owns this swath of land, made sure its design can support the equivalent of 70 fully loaded jumbo jets.

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Aerial view of lookout point with trees surrounding

The platform’s UFO vibe is accentuated by a central hub that’s a dead ringer for a 1950s B-movie flying saucer.
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Shilinxia Platform

Pinggu District, China

China was a bit late to the platform-building party, so overcompensated not just by building the largest one in the world in 2016, but by making it resemble a futuristic spaceship about to zip back to the cosmos. The 1,350-square-foot structure, appropriately constructed of aerospace-grade titanium alloys (and a lot of glass), hangs off one of the highest peaks of rugged Stone Forest Gorge, known for forested, odd-shaped rock formations. When the sun sets, the view includes the lights of Beijing, 70 miles to the southwest.

Scene stealer: Undertake the two-hour hike up to the platform and you also pass a dramatic waterfall and mineral-tinted pools not visible from the cable car.

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Mountains with viewpoint

The platform delivers a stunning view of the north face of Alpspitze, a limestone peak that’s part of the range that separates southern Germany from Austria.
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Bavaria, Germany

Getting to this platform is half the freak-out, as it is accessed by a long, steep ascent on a cable car from the Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski resort to the Osterfelderkopf mountain summit. Walk the short distance from the top station onto two curving platforms that overlap to create a soaring “X” extending over the panoramic abyss. (Pro tip: The Alps are pretty.) A semi-transparent bottom adds to the sensation of flying 3,200 feet above a rocky gorge—especially if a wind is whipping up through the steel mesh.

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