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Best Holiday Gifts for the Home Chef

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The holidays are the prime time for the home chef to shine. There’s the lure of tons of great holiday recipes to explore and the requirement to prepare a number of dishes. Plus, that means there won’t be a shortage of techniques and styles to try and to build upon for a variety of holiday meals. But to make that happen, you need the right kitchen gear—which is why any of these holiday gifts for the home chef are sure to be welcome and put to good use.

Holiday gifts for the home chef can span a wide range of price points, which also makes it a great category to shop in. We put together a list of perfect presents that cover everything—from a humble spatula and a nice set of pots to sharp kitchen knives or a brand-new outdoor grill.

Cooking and prep station with multiple units on a white background.
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1. Frankfurter Brett Basic L and Console º5

Make food prep easier, more organized, and dare we say fun with the Frankfurter Brett Basic L and Console º5. The roughly 22½x12-inch bamboo cutting board integrates stainless steel arms that pull out to hold containers for ingredients or scraps, so you spend less time running to the garbage. The angled Console holds five more containers to keep things like seasonings close by or hold an iPad while following a recipe. A universal magnetic block docks into the Console to keep everything from a chef’s knife to scissors at the ready.


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2. Spinn Coffee Maker

The Spinn bridges the gap between a pod coffee maker’s ease and the taste of freshly ground pour-over. Load in a bag of whole beans, fill the water reservoir, and you’re an app touch away from a range of barista-level beverages. Inside, the grounds are spun to extract hot or cold coffee, ranging from an espresso shot to a 12.5-ounce carafe. Add in the optional milk frother ($99) and it’s nearly as easy to make lattes and cortados as it is to pull in a drive-through. Aside from push-button ease, the app lets nerds tweak coffee-to-water ratios for stronger or weaker brews.

[From $999;]

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