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28 Day Full Body Workout Challenge to Keep Your Posture and Mind Healthy

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Talking about the 28 day full body workout challenge, we all know that everyone out there desires to have a good physique. Being physically fit has many benefits, starting from looking good, staying healthy, appearing fantastic in clothes and, of course, satisfying one’s self-esteem. In most cases, your motivation or the purpose behind working out varies from person to person. Few do work out to stay fit, few of them are professionals, few people work out to lose weight, others do so to gain muscles, etc.

Now for a beginner who has been on a break and lost track, there can be ways how you can simplify the hard part. Here we will discuss a 28 day full body workout plan that you can follow up on to achieve your desired body for any purpose.

As we said, obtaining your optimum physique is simple or more straightforward when you have a proper plan. A finely sorted workout plan helps you stay on track and focused on your goal, rather than aimlessly working out and quitting.

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For this, we have introduced an essential 28 days workout challenge. Open for everyone to take up. You must remember that only following up on this 28 day full body workout plan won’t be enough.

Alongside the 28 day full body workout plan, you must also keep your diet in check. Workouts and diet will help you achieve your desired physique with these two components. You should aim to organise your diet in the healthiest way possible by cutting off food containing sugars and refined flour.

The 28 day full body workout plan:

The 28 days workout plan

Week 1 or (Day 1- Day 7) of the 28-day workout programme:

The best way to start your 28 days workout plan is to pick up any cardiovascular activity or exercise. Any workout that uplifts or increases your heart rate and respiration by increasing your oxygen and blood flow throughout your body by repetitively using large muscle groups is considered a cardiovascular workout.

You can feel that you are getting the best out of a workout by doing high-intensity cardiovascular exercise rather than strength training. High intensities are hard to achieve initially, so you need to start doing it for a lesser period and gradually increase it.

You should aim to do your cardio for at least 30 to 45 minutes and then add up 30 minutes of walking along with it for the best results out of this 28 days workout plan.

Week 2 or (Day 8-Day 14) of the 28-day workout programme:

Continuing the cardiovascular workout sessions in this 28 days workout programme, you must do 3 to 4 strength workouts. Both need to be done alongside each other. The 3 or 4 workouts can be weight liftings or interval workouts.

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Interval workouts must be a part of your 28 day full body workout challenge as they are very effective and have some quick responses to your body. And for your sessions, you should strictly pick some strength pieces of training as per your preference, like lifting barbells, dumbbells etc.

There should be multiple sets with repetitions till you feel a muscle failure. You should do as far as your body allows you to do. The breaks in between every type of workout should be of a fixed time, and you should try to improve with every progressing day.

Resting every muscle group is also necessary for you. Strength training can be categorised into two groups.

  1. Push workouts generally involve pushing weights like Chest Press, Overhead Shoulder Press, Tricep Pushdowns etc.
  2. Pull workouts involve weights like Dumbbell Curls, Barbell Curls, Pull-Ups, Ab-Crunches etc. You should pick a few workout types from both the push and pull groups and select alternative days to perform workouts from each group.
  3. That is, pull workouts one day, push workouts the other day, and target areas should get a break. Like abs workouts one day, shoulder workouts the other day, leg workouts the other day, etc., so that the muscle groups can rest in between such a muscle, the tears recover better. The 28 day full body workout challenge follows the next week.

Week 3 or (Day 15-Day 21) of the 28-day workout programme:

The third week of this 28 days workout plan states to continue with whatever you have been doing throughout the first week but with some enhancement and improvement. It will help you boost this 28 days workout challenge by helping you to gain muscles quicker and get in shape faster.

Suppose your three strength workouts are Barbell curls, Dumbbell curls and Deadlifts. And you are doing four sets of each with intervals in between with 15 reps in each set. Then you must target to do five sets in each of these three workouts or increase the reps from 15 to 20 in each set, keeping the set count intact.

Week 4 or (Day 22-Day 28) of the 28-day workout programme:

By this time, you must have started seeing noticeable changes in your physique and internally feeling better. Now you have to lower or cease your cardio workouts, or else it may affect your gains until and unless you start off being fat.

Make sure that you are continuing your 30 minutes’ walk along with your 3-4 types of strength workouts. If certain target areas point out muscles you want to focus more on, try doing strength workouts that focus on that muscle group more than the rest so that the area gets toned. That’s how we can conclude this essential 28 day full body workout challenge.


Though the 28 day full body workout can be anything with a combination of any workouts that may vary from trainer to trainer, this 28 day full body workout challenge is just a simple beginner-level guideline for beginners to help them start their fitness journey.

Every other person can start these 28 days with a workout programme, but they might be in different physical states.

Like you may start off being fat or may be skinny. Your cardio and strength training must be balanced according to your initial physical state.

If you are skinny, lower your cardio and increase your strength training; if you are overweight or you think you are fat, increase your cardiovascular activities, keeping your strength training intact.

By following this 28 day full body workout plan, you must reach a better state from your initial physique, and you can follow up with this plan for another 4-6 months to get far better results.

Though you should not expect to look better or get in better shape if you can’t resist consuming junk frequently, this simple yet effective 28 day full body workout challenge can be taken up by anyone to get fitter and better if done with consistency.

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