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The Products & Routines Naomi Watts Uses To Get Glowing Skin

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“Let’s face it, menopause is where every woman is headed at some point. By the year 2025 there will be more than 1 billion people in menopause. But there’s been a stigma around it for generations after generations; whenever there’s a stigma, it needs to be broken down.

“I hope that more and more people will be open to talking about it: It’s a natural phase of life, so why not talk about it? That way, we can bolster each other through community, and share education and experiences. This can help people understand what changes they might go through, learn how to advocate for themselves, and embrace this transition. Collective support is necessary.

“When I was entering it, I didn’t even know the word perimenopause. I had the information that mother had gone into menopause early—she was 45 when she had her last period—but I didn’t know that they could be all kinds of experiences leading up to that. For example, I didn’t know that it could affect fertility; I heard the word uttered to me right when I was ready to start making children, and it caused great confusion and panic in me.

“It feels like one of the last conversations that’s been left untouched, which is ridiculous because it’s kind of a big one. We got perfectly set up back in forth or fifth grade when we learned about puberty, but then the rest of the story just went away. Instead, women just felt like we had to deal with it in silence—like they’ve been told to suck it up and cope. Which feels unbelievably unfair.  

“It’s so important now to embrace this time because we live for decades longer after menopause. We’re now living into our eighties, nineties, and more. So we have to start treating it as the beginning of a new time: Set yourself up with good health care and a good mindset. And again, the best way to do that is through community and education.” 

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