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The Hype of Hyrox Workout: Is This the Next Big Fitness Competition?

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The Hyrox Workout or the Hyrox was launched by a Hamburg, Germany-based entrepreneur named Christian Toetzke. He is the CEO of Upsolut Sports GmbH. With him was involved Mr. Moritz Fürste who has been a hockey player and also a two times Olympic Gold medalist in it. In the month of April in the year 2018, the first Hyrox workout event took place in Hamburg, Germany.

Hyrox workout is basically a competition in the fitness world that includes a 1 km run and a few functional workouts combined together that needs to be performed one after the other. In the Hyrox workout, the total repetitions for both the run and the functional workout need to be 8 times so that the individual taking up the challenge completes a total of 8 km run and the functional Hyrox workout also needs to be performed 8 times.

To perform the Hyrox workout you need to ensure that you must be having enough power, speed, strength, and also endurance combined. The Hyrox workout is a fantastic test if you are willing to test your overall fitness.

How to Sign Up for Hyrox Workout A Simple Guide-min

Where does the Hyrox Workout take place?

The Hyrox events mainly originated in Germany, but currently, the events for the Hyrox Workout take place throughout the globe, including Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and North America. However, the rules don’t vary from place to place. Everywhere in the world, the rules and requirements for the Hyrox Workout remain constant.

Specifically, suppose you are a runner, a cross-fit athlete, a triathlete, or an Obstacle Course Racer. In that case, you will find them to be more interesting as it has been noticed that the events, including Hyrox Workout, have been noticeably popular among them.

Criteria and Categories of the Hyrox Events

If you are applying for the Hyrox Workout event, you must be 16 years old. The Hyrox Workout events are open for both men and women. There are two categories in the Hyrox Workout.

One is the average category, whereas the other is the pro category, where you need to lift heavier weights in the functional workout. The last age group for the pro division in Hyrox Workout is 65-69. The Hyrox Workout can be performed in teams. It doubles have split men and men, women and women, or men and women, similar to the relay.

There are specifically seven categories, namely:

  1. Hyrox Men
  2. Hyrox Women
  3. Hyrox Men Doubles
  4. Hyrox Women Doubles
  5. Hyrox Mixed Doubles
  6. Hyrox Pro Men
  7. Hyrox Pro Women

The Hyrox Workout competition


 The followings are the requirements for each Hyrox event that includes the Hyrox workout:

  • A 1 km Run
  • A 1 km Ski
  • A 1 km Run
  • 50m of Sled Push (75-175kg)
  • A 1 km Run
  • Another 50m of Sled Pull (50-125kg)
  • A 1 km Run
  • 80m Burpee Broad Jump
  • A 1 km Run
  • Row for 1 km on Concept 2 Rower
  • A 1 km Run
  • 200m Kettle Bells Farmers Carry (16-32kg)
  • Another 1 km Run
  • Sandbag lunges for 100m (10-30kg)
  • 1 km of Run
  • 100/75 repetitions of wall balls (4-9)kg

The functional workouts’ weights vary from average to pro category.

What are the things involved in Hyrox?

Along with all the running, the Hyrox also includes the following things:

#1. Skierg

It is a shoulder and core exercise, but when done correctly, the lower body muscles are also involved.

#2. Sled Push

The sled push is an excellent exercise for targeting the lower body muscles, especially the anterior thigh muscles. This exercise engages the whole posterior chain as well as the core muscles. It makes it an excellent exercise for overall strength and development.

#3. Sled Pull

The Sled Pull is an excellent exercise for working the entire trunk, especially the lower back and quads. Your biceps will also benefit significantly from this exercise.

#4. Burpee Broad Jump

The Burpee is an excellent exercise for targeting the large muscle groups in the chest, back, and thighs while also boosting your heart rate. The arm muscles, particularly the triceps and shoulder muscles, play an essential role in the exercise. The muscles in the quads, calves, and glutes are crucial when jumping forward.

#5. Rower

Rowing is an excellent way to work almost every muscle in your body. When done with the correct form, rowing can activate up to 85% of your muscles, burning more calories than any other gym equipment. Unfortunately, the rowing machine is also very forgiving of sloppy technique. It means it’s easy to row without getting the full benefit of the exercise. Focus on form and technique to get the most out of your rowing workout. It will help you work more muscles, burn more calories, and get the most out of your workout.

#6. Farmer’s carry

The Farmer’s Carry is an exercise that primarily targets the upper back muscles (trapezius), the entire core, and the forearms (grip strength). The lower body is secondary but still involved. This exercise is excellent for increasing upper-body and core strength and stability.

#7. Sandbag lunge

The lunge is an excellent exercise for targeting the thigh and glute muscles. Additionally, because the centre of gravity shifts during the lunge, it tests the stabilizer muscles from every angle. It makes the lunge a more difficult full-body exercise than other exercises that use a bar.

#8. Wall ball

The Wall Ball is a functional training mainstay, but this deceptively simple routine needs more than throwing a medicine ball into the air. Throwing the med ball also requires upper-body action, especially the shoulder muscles. To execute the move correctly, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and the medicine ball at chest height. From here, explosively push off the balls of your feet as you throw the ball up against the wall. When the ball rebounds, collect it at chest height and repeat the process.

How is Hyrox different from CrossFit?

How is Hyrox different from CrossFit?

Hyrox is a fitness training method that uses various simple equipment like barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises. This training method is similar to CrossFit but does not include more difficult lifts like the snatch and clean & jerk.

How to train for an Hyrox?

If you want to be in shape and do a Hyrox exercise, you’re probably wondering how long it’ll take to train.

The response to this question depends on how frequently you exercise and your devotion. Generally speaking, if you can do three to four weekly workouts, eight weeks should be enough time to prepare. However, if you’re looking to be well prepared, then 12 weeks is the better option.

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