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The Best Sound Machines to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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If you’ve ever had to turn on a fan just to be able to get a few winks, then you know the value a nice bit of background noise can give you when trying to fall asleep. Steady, static-like noises, like a fan blowing, an AC unit running, or other low-volume hums, are most commonly referred to as white or brown noise. These sounds can help you swiftly get to sleep by muting other noises and making them less disruptive. A dedicated device, like these sound machines below, eliminate the need to add wear and tear to a your bedroom fan or run your AC when it’s not needed.

There are a wide variety of sound machines out there that will help you get your z’s—everything from large, dedicated units to smaller rechargeable options that you can travel with. And there are also a few good smartphone/tablet apps that can turn your preferred digital device into a mini white noise machine. Some models don’t just play a humming, steady noise; they feature natural sounds and can even act as a speaker to play whatever soothing tunes you like. So no matter the sonic interruptions that are plaguing your sleep, you can find a solution with one of these amazing sound machines. Get ready for a good night’s sleep.

The Best Sound Machines of 2022

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1. Pure Enrichment WAVE Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

This sleek and modern sound machine has six options for soothing, sleep-inducing sounds—white noise, fan, ocean, rain, stream, and summer night. They’re easily selectable from your bed since each has its own dedicated button. The device features premium speakers that produce high-fidelity sleep-inducing noise, and the volume is simple to control thanks to a prominent knob.


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2. LectroFan EVO

A big step up from the brand’s classic sound machine, the EVO boasts 22 sounds, including multiple levels of white, pink, and brown noise and 10 different fan sounds to match your sleep environment. LectroFan also added two options for soothing ocean surf sounds (squawking seagulls not included). This version also has a headphone jack so you can plug in other devices like a sound pillow, a bigger speaker, or headphones to keep your noises private.


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