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The Best Devices to Increase Grip Strength

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If you’re an active guy and enjoy exercising and engaging in a variety of athletic endeavors, whether that’s team sports, weight lifting, or solo activities in the outdoors, having a powerful grip can be very beneficial. For the guy who frequently plays sports, good grip strength can help with throwing and catching passes or grabbing opponents. For weightlifters, an improved grip can help you lift heavier on movements like presses or farmer’s carries. Outdoor athletes like rock climbers can obviously benefit from a stronger grip, and it can even help in everyday tasks, like carrying heavy loads and opening stuck jars.

One of the best ways to improve your grip strength is by using a specialized grip strengthening device. These tools are easy to work into your regular training routine. Though the old-school grip strengtheners you’re probably imagining now—a curly spring on top of two plastic handles—still offer a decent hand workout, the fitness industry has come out with lots of new grip strengtheners with more advanced engineering.

Choosing a Grip Strength Device

Here are a few tips before selecting the right grip strengthener for you. One with deep knurling in the handles will be helpful for a weight lifter who often does barbell movements, but it may be too uncomfortable for a casual user or a team sports fan—in that case, opt for one with smoother grips. If you aren’t sure of your current grip strength, check out some options locally before buying anything, because you may pick one that’s too much for you. Alternatively, you can get a grip strengthener that has an adjustable range of resistance or comes in a bundle of various resistance levels.

The Best Grip Strength Devices for Any Athlete

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